An Honest Review of MOCA Dispensary Chicago

A recent visit to MOCA Dispensary Chicago in the Logan Square neighborhood left me weedless but well-informed.

MOCA I think I love you.

Your space is cool, your people are cool, even the goddamned door is cool.

On a bone-chilling Thursday in Chicago, MOCA Dispensary Chicago took me in and treated me nice. Like a friend. Exactly how I’d want a dispensary to treat my mom. Or my grandma.

Probably because I could’ve been Mom to any of the MOCA folks there.


No flower ’til April. Got it.

I didn’t come away with any weed, which was a bummer, but at least I knew why.

MOCA took the time to explain to me, in a way Sunnyside either couldn’t or wouldn’t, the ins and outs of the local rec scene and why I shouldn’t be expecting to get flower in Illinois any time soon.

There isn’t any, and we have to wait for the new crop to grow in downstate Illinois.

Thank you for not wasting my time, MOCA.

To my legal weed dealer friends:

I don’t want to check your website for the Daily Weed Availability Report. It’s dull and decidedly unsexy. If you don’t expect flower for rec shoppers ’til April, TELL ME THAT NOW and we’ll all save our selves a shitload of unnecessary hassle.

There are lots of work arounds for lack of supply.

Honestly. The last thing on the planet I want to do tomorrow is get up at the crack of dawn and take a bus and then a train and then walk 10 minutes to wait 2 hours to buy a $30 joint.

It sounds horrible because it is.

Since my visit to Sunnyside, I’ve done a deeper dive into the rec vs. medical market here and IF YOU WANT LEGAL FLOWER IN CHI it’s best to get a medical card. Why? No taxes. No taxes = 45% or so cheaper.

NEXT WEEK: Join me as I get a medical card, won’t you?

The bar at MOCA dispensary. If waiting around in a bar is what you want to do at a dispensary.