Is Vaping Safe or Stupid?

In 2019 the US Centers for Disease Control confirmed 52 deaths related to vaping electronic cannabis and tobacco products. Another 2,400 people were hospitalized. At least some of the products causing problems were vape pens sold in legal cannabis dispensaries. While it’s not 100% clear what’s what, a cutting agent found in THC products, vitamin E acetate, has been linked to 29 of the 52 deaths. The research is ongoing but they’ve finally given it a super cute name – EVALI – which sounds like a cool, refreshing mountain spring water until you find out it stands for Ecig Vaping Associated Lung Injury.

I’ve chucked every vape cartridge I owned and only smoke flower out of a glass pipe or pre-roll joints. It’s stinky, which sucks, but unless you’re making your own vape cartridges and know exactly what’s going in them it seems an insane leap of faith to trust any manufacturers at this point.

The industry is clearly in no position to self regulate.

If you’re a manufacturer who wants to convince us otherwise by all means reach out.

Bottom line:

  • Just say aww hell the fuck no.