Take a deep breath.

And exhaaaaaale.

Keep doing that.

You are going to be okay. Ok? I know you’re really uncomfortable and it sucks but it’s temporary. Maybe your heart is racing and feels like it will beat out of your chest. I know. It blows. Big time. The good news is you’ll be fine.

No One’s Ever Died From Weed

Remember no one’s ever died from weed. It’s not physically possible to consume the amount it would take to overdose. And unlike opioids, cannabinoid receptors aren’t located in the brain stem. That means even if you pass out, your heart and lungs will keep on keepin’ on.

Relax. Grab something cold to drink. Think non-alcoholic. Alcohol is not your friend right now because you’re already incapacitated. Try a cold glass of water or some orange or grapefruit juice. Vitamin C is thought to reduce the effect. Do you have any peppercorns or pepper handy? According to an article in the British Journal of Pharmacology THC and pepper bind to the same receptors in the brain so chewing on a few peppercorns or sniffing a pinch might help.

Exercise is thought to help. Consider a walk around the block if you can handle it or put on some Beyoncé and get funky for 15 minutes.

No matter where you are it could last a few hours so you’re going to have to hunker down. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Put on comfy clothes. Lie down. Take a bath. Maybe hold off on the candles or anything involving an open flame for the time being.

Your physical abilities and judgement will be impared for the next 2-12 hours depending on your method of ingestion. Driving is illegal. Cooking or turning on the stove isn’t recommended. If you had plans to drive, change them or Lyft.

If you are really out of your skull reach out to a friend. Someone you know and trust. Being too high is something a lot of us have experienced. If you can’t call a friend but really need to check in a human about what you’re experiencing check out TripSit.

TripSit are an experienced, professional team of kind-hearted drug Sherpas available online to answer questions and provide support to anyone convinced their head will explode.

So remember, at least you’re not this guy and you are going to be ok.